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Automatic Transmissions Inc.

Automatic Transmissions Inc.

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Transmissions have become more and more complex in recent years, and they perform better than before with increased digitization and precision parts. Of course, this also means a far more complicated transmission, and one where there are many things that can go wrong and many causes to why things went wrong.  

It is also natural that as things age and are used more, the more likelihood of problems occurring. This is when you’ll want to take it to professionals who truly know the business and who have grown up with the changes!


At Cherry’s, we top the competition with our honest approach to solving your transmission problems. We rebuild and repair all types of automatic transmissions; full-size, mid-size, compact, foreign and domestic, conventional, and even high performance!

Getting it on the rack

Bands, Bearings, Bushings, Clutches, Gaskets, Gears & Governors, Drive Shafts, Torque Converters…  Using only the proper new parts, we do not compromise the integrity of your vehicle systems. We will not leave you stranded due to poor workmanship. We’ve been rebuilding transmissions for over 30 years and we stand behind our work!

Our technicians are certified and we are continually investing in our training of the latest transmission diagnostics and repair procedures. We can offer recommendations for service maintenance, upgrades and more.

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Our turnaround time is among the best available anywhere. We have industry-specific equipment and tools, and trained technicians. We can uninstall, diagnose, service, and reinstall quickly. 

We are fully equipped to rebuild and replace the vehicle's transmission at our shop, or you can simply crate & send, or carry-in your transmission if you are a D-I-Y mechanic. Ask us about our Rush Service, too.

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