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How much does a transmission cost?
We will review and diagnose what is wrong with the vehicle based upon our experience and then repair costs are dependent upon what options are available, whether it's to repair or replace the transmission. So, it depends on first, what is wrong with the transmission, and second, what parts may be required to correct the problem. Approximately half of all repairs are minor ones which may not require a complete overhaul of the transmission. We will give you your options, and we will only recommend the repairs your vehicle really needs. We will not take your transmission completely apart before we provide you with the up-front cost of the work which we will perform. 


Is there a warranty?
At Cherry’s Automotive Transmissions, Inc. we stand behind all of our work! We believe in doing a good job and in doing it right the first time, so there should not be the need for a warranty. But, yes, we have the industry standard of 1 year/12,000 miles on all of our rebuilt transmissions.


Do you do insurance work?
Yes. We have had customers with Progressive Insurance, Auto Services Insurance, and other insurance companies whose policies can cover repairs when related to an accident and your transmission could be covered too, if you have mechanical breakdown insurance or specific new car warranty. 


How long will a repair take?
The length of time that a repair will take is dependent upon the repair or rebuild, the shop schedule and the availability of necessary parts. We generally have a very fast turn-around time and will do everything we can to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We offer rush service as well.


Will you be putting all new parts in my transmission?
Here’s the short answer: Yes. We do not skimp, nor compromise your transmission components. We do not reuse any questionable parts in your transmission. We use the correct parts and do the job right the first time.


Does my transmission require servicing to extend the life of my vehicle?
Maintenance service in the form of a fluid flush and/or fluid fill should help your transmission shift better and last longer. Typically, transmission service is recommended every 30,000 miles for normal driving, and every 15,000 miles for heavier-duty use.


I see a leak under my vehicle, do you repair transmission leaks?
Yes, call us today or bring your vehicle in for a FREE transmission inspection and we can diagnose the cause of the leak. We will only recommend the repair your vehicle really needs!


Will extreme heat conditions affect the transmission?
Yes, extreme heat in your vehicle’s transmission system allows the ATF (automatic transmission fluid) to oxidize and lose its key components. Proper ATF flow and viscosity is crucial in the performance of your transmission. Consider having your transmission fluid changed to prevent future transmission problems.


My transmission is not shifting properly, is this a problem?
Very likely, yes. This may indicate a serious problem. It is important that you get your vehicle checked to prevent further damage from occurring.


How do I pay for the work I've had done?
When you pick up your vehicle payment may be made through MasterCard, VISA, Discover, by cash or local check.