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Tip 1 
Performing regularly scheduled maintenance will reduce repair costs, can help to avoid untimely breakdowns and will extend the life of your vehicle which protects you and your investment!

Tip 2 
Ways To Improve Gas Mileage:

  1. Avoid long periods of engine idling
  2. Accelerate smoothly
  3. Keep tires inflated properly - especially in colder & hotter than normal temperatures
  4. Minimize the vehicles load by removing any unnecessary items from storage areas
  5. Unless you are towing something, operate the transmission in overdrive
  6. Avoid high speeds because higher RPM’s consume more fuel

Tip 3 
5 Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems:

  1. When you are driving and the vehicle seems to switch gears for no apparent reason
  2. When accelerating, the vehicle feels rough and/or shaky or delayed engagement of shifting when changing speed
  3. Grinding sounds and other noises, and/or a burning smell
  4. There is a leak
  5. The Transmission Indicator Light is on

Tip 4 
To help keep your vehicle running properly, check your transmission fluid periodically and make sure it is at a good level, as low fluids can cause damage. If you are not sure how to check your vehicles transmission fluid, consult your vehicle’s operating manual, or call us for a fluid fill or flush.

Tip 5
Let your vehicle warm up in the cold before taking out of park and moving the vehicle for at least 30 seconds to a minute to allow fluids to run through the transmission as it should.

Tip 6 
Should you ever have automatic transmission problems, be sure to call on Cherry’s Automatic Transmissions, Inc. for the most honest, dependable and timely service anywhere in the Twin Lakes area!